She Walked Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

She Walked

Rating: 4.1

She walked in the midnight hours
With some fond memories.
Her road ahead was unknown
As changes had begun!
Life took a sharp unforeseen turn
As intimacy crumbled,
And sensuous rain came to a standstill.
The heart shuffled its colours
From dazzling light to pitch darkness!
She took her stride...
With a dry flower in hand
From the native graveyard,
Longing furthermore
With her deepest will
For gaining strength
To step into a new world,
Thus pursuing the blurred mirage
Of lost paradise...

Copyright © 2013 Indranil Bhaduri

Arabella Picken 13 August 2013

This is very good. Nice read

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Tadasha Tripathy 13 August 2013

Awesome! ! ! ! sir I loved reading it.Thanks.

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Dinesan Madathil 13 August 2013

Love lost makes a great vacuum and then it gets filled with a poem of the kind. Wonderful write Mr Bhaduri...

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 13 August 2013

Take a deep breath and step into a new world. Nicely expressed to dispel despair. Thank you.

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Jaya Varma 13 August 2013

: (pain depicted so nicely....

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Dinesan Madathil 05 September 2013

She should have walked with cautious steps and the distance covered already is quite long! The last phase may be with little suffering we hope. What is great about this poem is Indrani Bhaduri`s precise and meticulous rendering of the thoughts into a short and meaningful write of the kind. The diction has been apt and meaningful.

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Heather Wilkins 26 August 2013

we must all move on into tomorrow a great strong write

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Jesus Diaz Llorico 23 August 2013

A poem of strength, this is life, that change has to take place in order for us to grow, A remarkable poem indeed.

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Beach Girl 19 August 2013

I gave this a 10. Excellent poem of the strength it takes to step into a 'new world' after the passing of a mate. Love it!

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Survi Sharma 18 August 2013

nice poem i liked every word knitted here

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