Silent Tears Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Silent Tears

I've done this for a while
After years a mask is formed
A Silent Tears runs down my cheek
I've dealt with this before
My life was never easy
Wonderin how i made it thru the day
Another Silent Tear runs down
But i wipe it right away
My laugh is just a guise
My perfect smile is my pain
I've learned to fool the people
They think thatg everything's ok
But inside im really drowning in all my Silent Tears
Tears that no one ever saw
Beacuse of my past fears
I've tried so hard to just let go
But the boy in me is scared to show
For now this how i'll run my life
Though i may be hurting
My mom's alright
But i wont cry dont want my mask to smear
Dont want to unveil my Silent Tears
But God knows soon that the day will come
Where the darkness im surrounded in will be shining like the sun
Im not alome in this battle
that they call life
I have GOd on my side to help me fight this fight!

Serenity Prayer 03 November 2009

awesome job! ! i can totally relate. its awful how some people will tear you apart whenever youre already broken, i guess thats why we hide behind the smiles. great job! !

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