Shattered...Into A Vase Poem by Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Shattered...Into A Vase

Shattered into pieces on the ground

You run for tape or glue or something to make it through somehow

Its shapeless form with no hope of restoration leaves you only

With invisible tears

Where do broken hearts go to heal to one day feel for real? ! ?

To butterfly away with love

To ache with pain when the nurse comes up

To feel the want as everyone screams surprise

To cry wet tears in the middle of July

You drag your feet across the floor as you try to make it through the day

For bodies do not function if it’s heart is not in place

Look at me please

Look me straight in the eye and tell me that everything is gonna be alright

That my heart will find its way to it’s hole

That my heart will heal and unite with my soul

That I won’t have to cry anymore over life’s foolish lies

That ill lives for another, without wanting to die

Maybe the doctor’s putting his finishing touches

For the band aids are worn and fully blooded

Kiss me please, make me breathe new air

Love me please, run your fingers through my hair

Care for me as though no one has eva had! ! !

Show me that theres a way out of this

And in the end ill stand

Ill figure it out i promise i will

I've ran my life telling you to just sit still

But i need you no

Now more than ever

I'll luv u for always

I'll luv u foreva

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