Silodong Cave, Kebumen, Central Java Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

Silodong Cave, Kebumen, Central Java

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God has created a natural beauty
He has exposed the bottom of the Ocean to the ground
The open trough is beautiful and pleasing to the eye
The exposed caves are a magnificent sight

It is no secret that the Archangel Jibril has lied to the ruler of the Earth at that time by taking a handful of soil from the island of Java
The earth swore to Jibril 'I seek refuge in the majesty of Allah Who has sent you so that you do not take anything from me that will become part of hell.'
Even the devil has been lied to and has no power over what he has felt
Until Adam came to this earth because of the agitator who knew very well how Adam was created

Outcrops of land, rocks and all the bottom of the Ocean where the elements of the mountains have been dredged not by the Angels but because of the cruelty of humans themselves
Connected corals are evidence of how corals are arranged and many elders and ancestors believed that Adam was created from the grip of the earth taken by Jibril
These claims can clearly be questioned for their validity, but the nature in the deceased's homeland is indeed the way it is
Kebumen is a term about the origin of the earth that exists on this earth and the collision between plates is a witness to how the earth proceeds according to the sunatullah

Silodong is a cave that opens in the ocean trough and often comes to the heart trough
It is an exotic cave where the erotic body always longs for erotic desires
Whoever you are who has and will enter it will feel into another world that you have never felt before
Silodong is a bit and a piece of historical facts how the earth was formed between the strokes of nature that lie on this earth.
As if we sprinkle His creation with gratitude

© Ayatullah Nurjati @
Study of Surah Thaha verse 55
Langse, October,15th 1997

Silodong Cave, Kebumen, Central Java
From the earth We created you, and into it We will return you, and from it We will bring you back again.
revina addinda 14 June 2023

good job🥳

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I think Jibril in Islam is Gabriel in Christianity. Beautiful poem. Lovely images. Loved it

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Ayatullah Nurjati 13 June 2022

Thank you for your compliment sir!

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