In Love With The Universe Of Love Poem by Ayatullah Nurjati

In Love With The Universe Of Love

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Love is real from God
God created humans because of the form of love for creatures called humans
Because the previous creatures were not found to have a sense of love
Human love is full of intrigue like the first time Adam was created he felt lonely and needed a companion and he asked God to create Eve

Even if it's thrown into the world. There is always love even though sometimes the rhythm is always changing
Love that is spiced by Lust, Desire is sometimes jealous and excessive sense of belonging is what humans have.
That's Love Part of Human Feelings that God Created
Different from other creatures such as, devils, genie, devils, and angels.

Genie is also alleged to have feelings of love, but it is not strong with what humans feel, even more strange things come, he said Gennie cheated on humans and felt both of them love each other so that there was a marriage between the two
Why Prophets and Apostles were created from the most perfect form, namely Humans. Because of the Mind and Morals
Unlike the angels who are always obedient and dhikr to Him
Let it be an anthropology and philosophy of love that maybe only a little has been revealed in this world and Only God Knows. Wallahu Alam Bissoap

Slipi, January 16th,2022.10: 37 PM (GMT +7, Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta)
© Ayatullah Nurjati.

The Universe of Love is a collection of galaxies that God has given to various lines of space on various planets including from Earth to the highest heavens and God knows it all
Chinedu Dike 16 January 2022

Really an interesting poem written with clarity of thought and mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched........

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Ayatullah Nurjati 17 January 2022

You are welcome Mr. Chinedu Dike. I do really hope that you like my work as it is

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Gizza Nurazizah gizza 14 June 2023

love is simple, even simpler is love that comes from good... interesting and cool poetry

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The poem 'In Love With The Universe Of Love' is very good, it gives a meaning about love, love that is part of the human feelings created by God. It tells how love can be flavored by or desire.

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ilike this poem because it describes the real meaning of love from God, how God creates love for his creatures as a feeling from humans.

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The story explores the concept of love as a divine gift from God, unique to humans. It suggests that God created humans out of love, unlike previous creatures who lacked this emotion. Adam, feeling lonely, asked God for a companion, leading to the creation of Eve.

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anggun kaela 11 June 2024

This poem is very good at interpreting the meaning of love, yes, it is true that God's creatures live side by side with love and partner with each other, so without love life feels empty

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'in the love story universe' This poem is interesting, it tells how the feeling of love exists in every living being.

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naflah auliya iksan 11 June 2024

The text describes the unique nature of human love as a gift from God. It argues that God created humans specifically to experience love, a feeling absent in other creatures.

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lovely aprilia lovely 11 June 2024

has very good words, teaching that love actually exists in each human being created by God, and love is a feeling for every creature.

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