Simple Pleasures Poem by Patricia Grantham

Simple Pleasures

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Watching all of the sweet smiles on a loved ones face
Running around the race track and keeping up the pace
Touching the dew drops glistening on the wet ground
Going out to dinner then stepping out on the town

Getting together for a picnic in a lush green park
Laughing and playing many games long after the dark
Walking barefoot over the soft warm sand at the beach
Looking up at the stars at night that's too far to reach

Sitting and talking on the porch gazing up at the moon
Wondering how awesome not wanting to go to bed too soon
Humming a lively tune or singing a medley of love songs
Thinking about what went right and not about the wrongs

Tasting sweet honey from a hive freshly made by the bees
Smelling the fresh aromas emanating from magnolia trees
Listening to the voice and sounds of every living thing
Enjoying the many blessings that a brand new day can bring

Remembering the good old times that you and others shared
Hugging and kissing in showing others how much you cared
Giving a helping hand to some who show they are in need
Sitting there with the lonely showing someone a kind deed

Savoring the taste of a succulent and very delightful dish
Watching a shooting star at night and then making a wish
Reaching out your hands to others always with a tender touch
Telling your friends and loved ones how you love them so much

Reading a bedtime story to a young child sitting on your lap
Getting together with the youth just for a little time to rap
Wrote a letter then picked up the phone to dial an old friend
Enjoy the simple pleasures in life for soon it'll come to an end

Copyright 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: letter
This poem was written telling of some of the simple things
in life that we miss out on. It isn't always the great and
earth shattering events that have the most impact on our lives
but the seemingly small and insignificant ones that does. I
am quite sure that the list can go on and on. Life simple
pleasures enjoy yours to the fullest. Love and peace.
Kelly Kurt 28 June 2016

I make it a point to be present and appreciate to the fullest, moments of simple pleasure, and I tell others to do it as well. Nicely written, Patricia. Congrats

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Daniel Brick 10 June 2015

Your prose comment clarifies the meaning of all the images of simple pleasures in the poem. How many days would it take to do each one just once - probably three weeks or more. That just adds emphasis to your list of simple pleasures because they can more than fill up your time with joy. But your closing last half line IT'LL ALL END SOON reminded me of a line by Andrew Marvell that haunts me: FOR AT MY BACK I ALWAYS HEAR TIME'S WINGED CHARIOT HURRYING NEAR.

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Frank Russell 26 September 2014

This really strikes a chord in our stressed-out techno-society. Thanks so much for the sweet reminder.

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Ken E Hall 06 July 2014

Simple pleasures in life are life its self the most pleasurable and your poetic list is perfect in love and peace... are we so lucky to give...regards

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F J Thomas 30 June 2014

What a full and peaceful piece Patricia; how very lovely :)

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Deiann S 06 September 2019

Excellent, Thanks for sharing

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Mahtab Bangalee 24 June 2019

Giving a helping hand to some who show they are in need Sitting there with the lonely showing someone a kind deed ........../// beautiful poetic expression

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Ramesh Rai 30 June 2016

Congratulations. Awesome write. Simple pleasure is more joyful than the pleasure of moment.10++++

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Bernard Snyder 28 June 2016

This poem I can relate to so easily. Congrats on it being chis an as 'POEM of the day! Awesome Patricia!

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Kim Barney 28 June 2016

So delightful, this poem. I especially love the last line: Enjoy the simple pleasures in life for soon it'll come to an end. Congratulations for having it selected as poem of the day!

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Patricia Grantham

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