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Siren Of Fire

Rating: 5.0

When the water turns to mist
And the flames are rising high
I'll appear to you my darling
To wipe the tears from your eyes
I'll dance around the fire pit
Running wild with the flames
But as soon as the fire is out
I'll leave you without so much as my name

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Preeti - is here! 18 September 2006

What a poem! Its fantasctic, the syle the content, just too good. Tatianna, You're a class apart and so beyond your age. Preets

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Erhard Hans Josef Lang 16 September 2006

At the age of twenty, when on my 2nd trip through vast India, of the few most outstanding personal dialogues I had had then, conversing with shrewd locals, has stayed in my memory that one quizzling question, that was once uttered to me, instead of a good-bye, by an 11-year old innkeeper's lovely daughter, after my having had meals in her restaurant hut (and the young Tamil lass had said it in perfect English) . She asked me: 'What does fire and water have in common? ' I was flabberghasted, not to know any answer to her so short-breathed and surprising question. And indeed, this seems to have remained one of the last riddles left over in this world, yet to be solved. AND NOW, ALL BY ITSELF THIS OLD RIDDLE OF MINE SEAMS SUDDENLY SOLVED BY THE DEEP INSIGHT OF THIS VERY NICE POEM OF YOURS. Tatianna, you are on a par with that Tamil girl of my memories, and to me you have thus saved the face of the entire white race.now. All I can say to you is thanks, Tatianna. erhard

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William Jackson 13 September 2006

This is quite a poem. Phenomenal! I really like it.

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