Slow Down; Get Ready; Go! ..... [medical Intervention; Aging Humans; Death; Short; Inspired By S. Katona Poem] Poem by Bri Edwards

Slow Down; Get Ready; Go! ..... [medical Intervention; Aging Humans; Death; Short; Inspired By S. Katona Poem]

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People are not meant to live soooo long,
and “Don't think each day can be a song! ”
Why I'll BET in that guy’s or gal's 102 years,
medicine has come to ‘wipe away tears’.

Here is what i mean by medicine help:

A Caesarian section was needed to whelp.
Pneumonia was stopped in its tracks.
Dangerous fevers were lowered with ice packs.

A ruptured spleen was removed just in time.
Antibiotics prevailed against all sorts of slime.
Blood pressure meds prevented a stroke.
A pacemaker was installed in a weary bloke.

Surgery, and chemo or radiation “killed” cancer.
For some diseases, vaccination was the answer.
A broken hip? No problem! You’re soon up and around;
no longer will you linger for weeks, then enter the ground.

A stent, a graft, a transplant, or a major excision …..
prolongs life often. Think hard about it. It’s YOUR decision.

(April 6,2015)

Monday, April 6, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: aging
my poem is inspired by [but takes a different view of life and how 'far' it should go] Stephen Katona's fine PH poem:
'Before I Go; Before You Go'.

i would feel differently if all the people of the world (the 'good ones' of course, like YOU and ME!) had sufficient necessities of life and at least a bit 'extra' to make their lives comfortable. this is NOT the case, and i feel that the 'great' strides in 'medicine' have contributed, in part, to unsettling conditions for many, including lives which have been prolonged 'too long'. i'm sure a few Readers will object to my words in this poet's note. come and get me!
bri :)
Dr Dillip K Swain 02 February 2018

I like this poem though I have a different stance! I should consciously think of my good health to make my lives comfortable through healthy food, yoga and exercises (say no to all the medicines and sophisticated treatments) ...I take this as the view of my own life may be my philosophy is little different from what you prescribe in you poem!

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Valsa George 23 January 2018

Most of the people love to live long! Though Bri claims that he prefers to die young to becoming an octogenarian, I am sure he will cling onto life if he gets a chance! Thanks to medical intervention in arresting death at least for sometime! (this time I have caught you for a typo....! ! Instead of 'block', you have used 'bloke' or did you use it to mean 'a weary man? !

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Bri Edwards

Bri Edwards

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