Small Talk Angel Style Poem by Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire

Small Talk Angel Style

Rating: 2.3

I saw something white in the bushes
it was a bunch of angels
wings folded taking an
ambrosia break and
laughing gently over
the lies they hear most often
when they're passing over

they were saying that
apart from the old ones like
we must have lunch sometime and
the cheque's in the post and
I promise to take it out before.....

there's now I could do this with you
all day where's the remote

but then they got on to the
more serious ones like
we only ever wanted the best for you
so this is what we...

and their voices got quieter
so I crept away without their
looking my way

but I bet they knew I was
there listening and
I bet they knew
I'd tell you

Esther Leclerc 28 April 2006

How creative is this? Love the idea of a mere human eavesdropping on angels, gossiping over ambrosia! Food for thought here, too.

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Poetry Hound 28 April 2006

Excellent, Mr. Shepherd! How very original. I loved, 'I promise to take it out before...' Ha ha!

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Mary Nagy 28 April 2006

Michael, I love this poem! I love the thought of you eavesdropping...and then sharing your information with us! I love the visual of the angels chatting in the bushes! I love how you bring to light the lies we tell everyday...and that they're heard! I love everything about this poem! Very inspiring Michael! sincerely, Mary

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kskdnj sajn 28 April 2006

Cute ending and thoughtful poem Shep. Angie.

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Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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