Something To Say Poem by John Mccudden

Something To Say

Rating: 5.0

i have something to say to you
but the words just come out wrong
so i try to call you but your never at home
i leave a message on the answer phone

but i cant find the word
they just come out wrong

you tell me you love me
but you mess me around
you say you want me
but you take me down
just got to say
i am no one clown
so dont you dare take me down

i have something to say but your never at home
i have something to tell you
but your never alone
i keep calling but get the answerphone

so can i tell you just what i mean
i hate talking to that answer machine

Ana Sanchez 17 January 2009

I like this one..Sometimes i feel like that.. My words are always learn from your mistakes.. this taught me to think before I act.hehe

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Carolyn Brunelle 15 January 2009

John you have a wonderful ability to write rhyming pieces that don't get in the way of the message you're trying to convey and that's important. It allows the reader to appreciate the content and get to the meat of your message in an effortless way, making the whole work appear easy and fluid. It's a talent. Keep up the good work! ! ! I promise to keep reading, I really appreciate your writing.

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