Sonnet 6: Unrequited Love Poem by David Wood

Sonnet 6: Unrequited Love

Rating: 5.0

Oh those lips that Love designed for kissing
Are of such beauty and so soft to kiss.
Yet Cupid’s arrow fired but keeps missing
Our paths seldom cross and do often miss.
I sometimes do view you dear from afar,
From my seat in the town square I see thee.
I pray you keep the door to your heart ajar
For Cupid’s arrow to fly straight from me.
But I see you with another bright flame
Strolling through the town, your sweet hearts delight.
I have yet to know my heart rivals name
To challenge him to a duel, a lovers fight.
Yet to hate him is wrong, I must succumb
And wait for love to die, and hearts to numb.

Aftab Alam Khursheed 20 May 2013

Unrequited Love, another lovely sonnet both deserve to be 10

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Valsa George 22 May 2013

A poem charged with emotion! ! The pangs of unrequited love, though painful donot take the tone sadness or vegeance! ! A very beautiful sonnet! !

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Captain Cur 21 May 2013

Flows beautifully. Sometimes better to dodge cupids arrow.

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Paul Brookes 21 May 2013

Ah she I love another loves All to me is left dark sighing. Such is unrequited love. Well written poem about the sadness and emotions of love not returned. BB : O)

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Valerie Dohren 20 May 2013

Another fine sonnet - a great read.

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Lorraine Colon 20 May 2013

I read your Sonnet VII first and loved it, but this is another winner! Don't stop writing. Please!

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