Speak O Withered Leaves, Speak. Poem by Om Chawla

Speak O Withered Leaves, Speak.

Rating: 4.8

Cover her eyes, her stony looks,
She is dead;
And ring the bell for she is dead
Where one age ends the other begins
-the long dark distracted night.

How could she die, a fairy and so young
O want what more misery can thou wring
Two crusts of bread and a form erased.

O withered leaves wert thou a rose?
Could beauty be more beautiful
I cans't say my fancy fails.
How could I describe thee
Which part were more beautiful
Speak o speak utter but few words
But no; thou woulds't not speak
And I hear no more thy sweet voice.
O breathless breast thou woulds't heave no more,
But once did heave more beautifully
Than stormy waves of a surging sea
On a moonlit night.

O wild affections whither art thou fled?
Aren't these the eyes that charged me once
Quiver o lips quiver a little,
That I may see that a life yet lives:
Utter but few words even though in dread
Of this society; but dread not thou
-no more- this society.

But where is life?
Thou blush not in the presence of thy love;
Thine eyes have no more arrows in their sheath;
Thou breathe not and there are springs no more;
Adieu love! Adieu o phantom of love
For I go crazy, I must go.

But tarry for I must see
Art thou really dead or stone deceiveth me
O senses work- Touch!
So cold and hard is bosom! Is it marble!
May be stone deceiveth me! But no
No art can create thy form, O love
And mine eyes are not deceived in thy form.

Ere I leave I give thou this pledge:
That I shall have revenge
I shall shake heavens and destroy this earth
Yes! this earth
Where beasts who live, value their lust
Above humane emotions.

Adieu love! look not so coldly
For I see my end. Adieu! Adieu! ...............[1960]

Elena Sandu 20 December 2012

A breathe could stop at so much beauty! Thank you!

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Valsa George 15 December 2012

This is such an amazing write! ! An elegy in all its tragic poignancy and depth of emotion! ! ! This deserves full 10

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Valerie Dohren 14 December 2012

Beautiful, heartfelt and poignant write. So romantic too.

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Anita Sehgal 12 December 2012

very beautiful and touching.. poignant!

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