Spiral Words Poem by Deep Mukherjee

Spiral Words

Memories within a mirror-
Memories that infuse life;
Life blows like a breeze
Disappears in the eternal silence
Silence within this Pandemonium;
Quest of a puzzle unsolved
Is it a quest for the question?
Or an eternal search for an answer?
Aimless like wandering clouds-
Ready to pour down on the ground;
Or like leaves floating around
on the gentle breeze of time;
Time swirling around the spiral destiny-
Destiny that infuses life;
Memories juxtaposed in the mirror of life
Glowing outside; broken inside.............

Swetha Vanakayalapati 06 June 2012

spiral words.....to infuse life.... on ignition fuses perplexes.... all in all....poet as right to quest, to entrust he is not one... many....are broken inside glowing outside...

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Pheko Motaung 06 June 2012

Great poem! An amazingly fantastic read.Thank you

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Indira Babbellapati 04 June 2012

very apt concluding line.....

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Eric Cockrell 02 June 2012

we are scars planted, and the tears of our suffering that fall to feed the thirst... we are light born of darkness, returning to darkness... great poem.

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Unwritten Soul 02 June 2012

It really a spiral one, a helix structure...coiling around the art of words..and it's poetry nice to mind and smile to our fce_Unwritten Soul

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