Stamp In Times Letter Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Stamp In Times Letter

My seasons are fragrant with one blossom
That is you and you alone
But now I leave to fulfill my destiny
Yet there is always a wayside view
We leave behind, whom we love
Our love for the country, greater;

Once we cross the boundary of death
As we die fighting for our nation
Our souls are decked with honor and fame
But the love which was to never be
Remains as stamp in times letter to blind revolt;

Why perish in this futile war?
For which mother
In a world of flesh & blood
It lingers this question
But strife will never cease
Man has learned to adapt with war,
Every coin has both heads & tails
The wave will rise and also fall
If there is life, then there is also death,
There is someone to grieve for you and me;

When destined we leave
As vapours into the heart of the sky,
But oh how futile it is
This tragic & needless, untimely death,
For which mother in a world of flesh & blood.

Sasikala Kamandula 16 July 2011

very sweet e enjoy but not to comment good.

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Chanda Mwenechanya 10 July 2011

casuality, preciously put. Very good work

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