State Of The Union Poem by Darwin Henry Beuning

State Of The Union

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America - Land of Dreams
Lost Dreams

People sleeping in their cars
In Walmart parking lots

Homeless shelters
In cities and towns everywhere

Elderly, their working days done
Being warehoused away

Citizens dying
Unable to afford medical care

Unable to protect our children
Who are being gunned down

Latchkey children
Allowed to roam

Both parents working
To provide a home

Mass murders
Common place

A new popular phrase
'Death by Drone'

Politicians and lawyers
Feathering their own nest

America, our beloved country
What a mess

Saturday, October 17, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: america
Written 4: 20am,17 October 2015. Is it any wonder why I cannot sleep.
Darwin Henry Beuning 17 January 2017

This morning reviewing my poem, and how it applies to each and every year. When will it end?

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Linda Moore 17 October 2015

Politicians and lawyers Feathering their own nest....Awake O Sleeper and be given light. Light makes things visible, wish more were awake.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 17 October 2015

Latch key children allowed to roam Both parents working to provide a home...... Elderly their workdays done Being warehoused away Sir, these are the fruits of growing influence of materialism and it is one side of the coin. If handled with skill the other side may become and actually look brighter. Any way pessimism does more harm than it's due. Where as positive approach may lessen the ill effects. Regards.10 points.

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Cindy Moore 17 October 2015

The media show this information daily and you as a poet are able to put the pictures into words. It is a great wake up call for everyone to love and take care of others. So comforting to know that God is our refuge and is there for all that seek Him. Keep writing your poems as they may open the eyes of many.

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Liza Sudina 17 October 2015

unexpected pessimistic view!

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Michael Walker 23 September 2018

These are very frank thoughts about America. I was drawn by the homeless, those who cannot afford medical care, and the elderly, who are no longer wanted for work. Things must get better.

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Laurie van Der Hart 21 February 2018

Darwin, I like this poem. It's simple and profound, and comes from the heart. And true. Bri E. just gave me a lambasting for my We are the Tramplers, and told me that he had just read this one and was tired of social comment. Well, what are poets for if not to make social comment? I think I'm going to enjoy reading more of your poems.

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Bri Edwards 20 February 2018

(cont.) ................. writing this probably helped you to relieve some stress you may have had, staying up all night worrying about the have-nots. to MyPoemList. bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 20 February 2018

and yet this country provides much for its inhabitants. the dreams perhaps were too grandiose and not realistic to come true for all. much is taken for granted by many; the ones who are not mentioned above. it could be worse. it could be worse! one might not HAVE a car to sleep in! ugh! but your poem is well-done, even though it may be a bit over-the-top. (to be continued) ..........

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Darwin Henry Beuning 01 January 2018

05: 14am,1 January 2018. A new year and my poem still rings true! !

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