Stay Gold Poem by Rebecca Navarre

Stay Gold

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Memories of, the sun shinning in threw the windows, of my
Grandparents bedroom.
The black cat in the barn, howling out his own tune.
The silvery light across the fields, when there's a full moon.
All of these memories, that mean so much to me, got
to get down on my knees, be thankful for these.
The tractor pulling the plow, the milking of the cows. And
Papa teaching me how, ..things sure a lot different now.
But I can go back in time where its all in my heart and in my
mind..Down that old dirt road that winds, and the magic
that I find.
The smell of the earth, the logs stacked by the hearth, is
what gives living worth! ..Wish all could know, such peace
in their soul! Even though, its from the days of old, somethings
Always Stay Gold!

Saturday, September 24, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: family,farm,life
Rebecca Navarre 20 October 2016

Again, ! You Are Very, Very Kind! ! ! now you're making me Blush! Thank You! ! ! For the Smiles! ! ! Many Back! ! ! ! !

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Unwritten Soul 20 October 2016

The nostalgia that feel so sweet like this always gold and stay gold..I love your penning style, it awakes some feeling that personally travel from your mind and you carving a beautiful piece on a paper...i dont experience this events but when i read it, i capture the beauty...indeed this is forever stay gold :) Beautiful!

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