Comfort In Our Lords Love Poem by Rebecca Navarre

Comfort In Our Lords Love

Rating: 5.0

Been stumbling around in the dark, trying to follow
the light in Gods heart. Fear and confusion can get
in the way, and so many mistakes I have made. But,
Gods love has always been... As sure as the light of
day. And his love, will always stay...

Saturday, February 18, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: loss,grief,life,Love,Christ
May we always try to follow the light of Gods heart...
LeeAnn Azzopardi 18 February 2023

Brillant Rebeccz TFS

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Anjandev Roy 19 February 2023

Such an excellent piece.

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Susan Williams 19 February 2023

Thank you for this wise poem that recognizes the confusion and pain that comes from straying from the light of God---top marks

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 20 February 2023

What a wonderful poem Rebecca. You have opened your heart to God. He sees and hears everything. The ligt of God will always shine on you.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 26 September 2023

This is the Greatest Truth and Nothing but The Truth: Comfort in our Lord's LOVE. Yes! My Happiest Revisit, dearest Becca!

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A perfect ode to religious faith…

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I made a revisit here, just after reading Aarzoo's beautiful poem "Secrets" and am overwhelmed by close similarities between them..

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 June 2023

Congratulations, my dear Becca, your poem is today on rank number 18. WOW! Citing your Notes: May we always try to follow the light of Gods heart...I do my best, dear Becca. Beautiful poem through and through.

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Today this loveliest poem is on number 17. Congrats my dear Becca! This is such a very wise poem. Thoroughly honest and humble

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That is the assurance faith gives us, Becca

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