Rebecca Navarre Poems

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In His Daze...

He's in the barn, watching the golden rays of sun
stream down. He's climbing the big, old oak tree, that
he's found. He's running off through the blades of grass.
He's thinking of, that cute, little girl who smiled at him

Angels Wings

Angels wings, softly ring. With
the lullaby's that they sing.
Softening, the harshend winds, cry.
From deep outside. As gusts pick up


The stars are falling from the sky. The man in the moon
has shut his eyes. And the sun is gone away. But, that's
The grass keeps turning brown. Even though the rain, keeps

Storms Amongst The Tides.

I see your tear stained cheeks, your soft green eyes
turn so dark and deep. Knowing I just need to wait with
perseverance, for these stormy times to pass. Watch you
as, your finger gently traces the rim of your glass. Know

Comfort In Our Lords Love

Been stumbling around in the dark, trying to follow
the light in Gods heart. Fear and confusion can get
in the way, and so many mistakes I have made. But,
Gods love has always been... As sure as the light of

Loving Light...

He is the light of our lives.
Through the the day, through
the night. Opening our hearts and
bringing us sight. When we've lost


Hanging out with the girls next door,
Oh, what troubles we found galore. When
Warnings were ignored.And as we got bored,
drinking was explored. Listening to wrong,

Lavender Garden

Walking through my lavender garden.
Time sets, and pardons. Life softens,
and unhardens. Blue cascading, rivers
flow. Flowers blossom and grow. Birds

Under The Suns Light

Up above the sky so high. Reaching
out to the clouds drifting by. While sitting
here on the mountain side. With golden
sunflowers down below. Grateful to let

Wish The World!

Wish the world could say,
no tears today,
doing okay...Lord I pray!
With the sun, feeling fine,

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