hope blankenship

Stronger - Poem by hope blankenship

My heart says hold on
But my mind says move on
As tears flow down my face
I shatter like broken glass

I start to wish I could
Jus forget the past
To move on is to forget
But I can’t move on because
I can’t forget

Everything we’ve been through
All the memories we made
And all the time that we shared
Has jus went down the drain

The future that I planned is
Never going to happened
And life without you
Is something I jus can’t imagine

You say you don’t care
That I’m the one that
Caused it to end
And as you put the blame on
I silently say to myself
This is finished

I’m strong but not as strong as you think
I smile but don’t let my
Smile deceive
I’m kind
But don’t let my kindness deny
The damage the damage that I can do
That will leave you wondering

Why you even crossed me
Why you even tried
To make me take the fault for something
That you caused
My life is my life and my
Heart is something you don’t play with

So when you get those lonely nights
When you wish I was by your side
And as you start to wonder how all this even happened
I want you to look at yourself and
Remember I was the one that YOU
I’m the one that felt the pain
The one who cried the tears
And begged for you to stop

Everyday I’m getting stronger
Even though it’s hard to put you in the back of my mind
I do what I got to do jus to get by
And late at night sometimes all I do is cry

But weakness is what makes me strong
Pain and tears let me know im alive
And sometimes the things that I can’t
Hide are the things
That gives me the reason why

To always put myself and my daughter
First to never let my heart fall for
Someone who is never going to
Catch me

My life isn’t perfect
And im not going to lie
I have problems of my own
But yours are worse than mine

My heart and soul are not
That sits on a self for you to play with
They are real
And the things you did to them
Yes they can feel

The wall you put up I saw
Right through
The things you thought I would overlook
I paid attention to
All the things you tried to hide
Without a reason why
Sweetie I knew about them
They jus weren’t worth causing a fight

Until you pushed me to far
Until you broke that bond that
Held us close together

But what is done is done
I can’t go back only forward and
As is still pray you come back im not putting
My life on hold for you any longer

And as I will always love you
For you do have my heart
I’m putting a stop to
Something that never needed to start

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poem Edited: Monday, May 16, 2011

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