Sturnella Neglecta

Rating: 5.0

seven syllables per line
try to do it ev'ry time
uncommon pattern, so true
rarely done, but you can, too
not so hard; give it a try
even Cowboy could get by
let your thoughts just sail away
linger on this lovely day
and don't ever question why

now I lay me down to sleep
expecting that I will keep
grandly dreaming of the day
little problems will give way
even big ones vanish, too
constant is my love for you
to think otherwise is wrong
and that's how I end this song

Sturnella Neglecta
Some time ago I read about a poet who always had seven syllables in every line of every one of his poems. I thought it might be fun to try that. Does anyone know what this type of poem is called?
Kim Barney 07 October 2021

Very clever and well done!

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Bri Edwards 09 October 2021

Duh! 'Sev-en-Syl-la-ble Po-em'...............OF COURSE! ! ! bri ;)

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Cowboy Ron Williams 07 October 2021

Even me? Maybe I could, and maybe I should! A fun poem; thanks for sharing!

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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 November 2021

Dillip, which names are wonderful? When you say 'you both' deserve praise, you meant Belle and who else?

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Cowboy Ron Williams 01 November 2021

Aha! I see what you did here! In addition to having exactly seven syllables per line and fun rhymes, there are THREE other elements at play here that make this poem nothing short of genius! Should I tell the other readers what they are?

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 October 2021

Wonderful names! You both deserve praise! Wonderful job! !

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Sturnella neglecta 14 October 2021

In the poet's notes I asked if anyone knows what this type of poem is called. I have since learned that it is called 'syllabic verse'.

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wes vogler 09 October 2021

you have considerable talent and never cease to amaze me

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