Sudden Summer Shower. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

Sudden Summer Shower.

Rating: 5.0

We, in India, are undergoing
the hottest summer.
The scorching sun beam
from the big ball of fire
has diverted our lives
out of the normal gear.

Grasses to tallest trees
were waiting frantically
for a heavy downpour.
In the mid-day appeared
black palm coconut colored clouds
all over the endless sky
of Bhubaneswar.

It rained cats and dogs
for about an hour
followed by pleasant cool breeze
from the south.
The hot summer in this
month of May vanished
for some hours,
satiated the longing for water
of the trees and largest
opening of the animals
branded as the mouth.

The lush green newly
unfurled leaves danced
merrily with the pleasant
tuning of the soothing
cool breeze.
All creatures on land, air and
trees are expecting good
melatonin secretion that
can induce a night's good sleep.

What a pleasant relief from the sudden shower! !
Dr Dillip K Swain 25 May 2023

Top score for this wonderful poem

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Nabakishore Dash 25 May 2023

Thanks for reading and your inspiring don't play hide and seek in the followers page.It hardly matters as to who are following.Rather I shall be extremely happy if you with draw permanently from the list.No prize, no winning, no praise is all the more better.Beg excuse sir.

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Nabakishore Dash 25 May 2023

Respected Dr. Saheb, it is a city essay competition write, not a poem.

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Nabakishore Dash 25 May 2023

Curt writing not impossible, but a stupendous task for me.

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Nabakishore Dash 25 May 2023

Not crazy for winning awards or prizes.Fully satisfied and grateful to God for what He has given

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 June 2023

Rain although it is just for a moment is a blessing. It will benefit us all specially plants, trees and animals and ultimately humanity. A wonderful poem so well expressed with beautiful images.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 01 June 2023

Extreme weather conditions have been experienced by almost all countries of the world. These extreme weather might be attributed to global warning as pointed by Poet Nehal.

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Summer showers are most welcome signs of benevolence of Mother Nature

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Poetic Sky 29 May 2023

A thought provoking poem, I agree with some of the comments on this poem. Poignant.

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M. Asim Nehal 29 May 2023

Climate change is the reason for all this. People have become selfish, they cut forest, they divert rivers etc just for their convenience. A Very thoughtful poem.

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