Suicide By Psychiatrist Poem by Julia Luber

Suicide By Psychiatrist

Rating: 5.0

Imagine, you thought of her as melty, dreamy, moving, lovely, seductive,
a sensual temptation. Imagine, and now she has scoured what seems like
even for that possibility to be enveloping you at all. As if she were avenging
and only empowered by being anything but what you might take solace in.
She did not want to provide another with what she could not feel for herself.
Understand that. She prefers to torment, torture you, shock and traumatize
you with her choices. That Patchulli smell, that snide humorous British accent-
to think of all that appeal and sensuality wrapping itself around a false accuser
of rape and a murderer for thrills at that. To think of all that sensual appeal
giving vitality only to pure excruciating scorched ugliness beyond conceive.
To turn all that naturalism into simply a traumatic WHY? And to think, with
all her political economic work. HAHAHAHA- spending all her personal time
with a billionaire who got it for nothing, cornered a best friend from an earlier
time into psychiatric suicide through threat and commandment, and then
accommodated that same killer after being informed. Doing all in a state
of fraudulent genderism, as if to insult the one things other people are given
for free, their gender, while she was given a billion dollars for nothing. Imagine.
Imagine that as her brave new world. A killer and a connoitreer of suicide. That
is who that lush woman really is: somebody who chooses to give love to a killer
and a sadist, both frauds, over any to their victims. That is all she truly is. As
if beauty were created solely to trick somebody, as if to be only an arsenal
of war. She is not the attractive person she comes off being. She is a cruel, sadistic,
unforgivable, awful, horrifically evil creature-giving love to a false accuser of rape
and a murderer, somebody who would corner a best friend into suicide solely
for crying drunk. A bit too loud. Simply out of her aesthetic preference. Simply too
raw and too real and too sincere and too authentic and even worse, representing
so much about the difference of most other peoples' value system for her. For she
was manicuring herself into being a billionaire. For she was manicuring herself
into getting rid of anybody she had ever had in her life who would have remembered
her before her nose job. For she was getting rid of all traces of the truth. For she
was on a war of avengement for herself not to have only billions over others, but freedom,
and societal dignity, and the purposes of law and medicine over others too. For she
was manicuring herself and pomping herself and training herself to be worse than
just a snob, but actually a murderer who would kill a best friend in the only way
our society accepts which goes without accountability-Suicide By Psychaitry kind of
similar to Death By Cop of certain other 'cultures'. With excruciation, it works.
They get away with it. And they steal their victims friends and lighter soul.
And they move through life with a freedom with no conscience most splendiferously.
lightly, and somehow, they seem to avoid true punishment for all the terrible
things that they have done. They are that wrongfully blessed…some rich people/sometimes.

how threat cornering somebody into a psychiatrist often resolves as the only way to kill somebody through suicide (legally)and never have to take accountability for it
Shaun Cronick 01 August 2019

Brilliant. This is a poem to make anyone stop and think. Thank you Julia for writing and sharing this masterpiece. Rated 10 and added you and this poem to my favourites. Brilliant.Thanks again Julia.

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Julia Luber 01 August 2019

Wow. Thank you. I have known several people who have committed suicide out of nowhere while going to psychiatrists and on those psychiatric medications, and it almost happened to me but I survived by a split second thirty two years ago.

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Bryony Sheldon 01 August 2019

Just..... amazing. Added to my list. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Julia Luber 01 August 2019

thanks for reading Bryony and responding….

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