Winter Poems: 252 / 500

Sweet Winter

Rating: 3.8

How lovely is this winter day!
The sweet cool wind to brush my cheek.
I look up at the sky: blue-gray-
But not at all so dark or bleak.

The clouds hid rays from blinding sun,
Thus shielding Earth from burns and stings.
And I will say once spring has come:
I loved the breeze the winter brings.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Winter Poems: 252 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: winter
Chiazo Egbukwu 14 May 2014

The clouds hid rays from blinding sun, love the lines.

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Great poem about climate.

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Melissa Furey 11 May 2014

Great poem I like how you used imagery

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Quincey Burkhalter 10 May 2014

Love the imagery. This is one of those poems that sticks in your mind

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 09 May 2014

Hello Angelina. I loved your poem and felt the breeze as I read. Good work! Loyd

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Adeline Foster 06 July 2015

Loveeeeely homebody, nostalgic poem. Read mine – Frost Flowers - Adeline Foster

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Vivek Tiwari 26 May 2014

surely the winter is the best time u can enjoy the weather without being afraid of its fury and blaze like in summer-the burning summer

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Winter's beauty is appreciated more when spring comes. Nicely said. Thank you.

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Kirti Sharma 19 May 2014

each and every line can be felt.. beautiful...

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Mazhari David 14 May 2014

As a winter man I enjoyed the feeling... thanx.

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