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The Terror Soon To Come

Rating: 3.0

I read and read and read and read,
and hope to remember the important things.
I hope and pray to be soon freed
From the horrors these unspeakables bring.
I now live each day in perpetual fear,
For the exam days are almost here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014
Hope Poems: 119 / 500
Topic(s) of this poem: fear
Lila Jenkins 12 May 2014

Lol I hate exams. We have to take the EOC exam and it's just mehhhhh

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Suresh (n) Abraham 11 May 2014

Good poem about the exemas

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Good poem. Funny I hated exams also.

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Wow wow! I smile in the last line. Please comment on my poems

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Denis Martindale 23 April 2014

Exams are the teachers' revenge! The payback for all those snide remarks over the years. We don't need no education! Let's escape and go straight to work now! Far better than those excruciating exams anyday... and we get paid, too. Think of all those chocolates we could buy!

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Khairul Ahsan 26 June 2018

Oh exams? No worries! Heaven will not break loose if you do not pass. But anyway, the poem was able to raise concerns and that's your success!

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Vivek Tiwari 26 May 2014

exam fear suits the board students how well have dey prepared

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Well written. Clearly expresses what you are trying to share.Excellent piece

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Savita Tyagi 26 May 2014

lol! Loved it. Poem hunter is making every week like an exam week. Stay busy!

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Lucifera Santez 25 May 2014

i just finished my semester exams. stuff of nightmares i tell you. this poem is quite cool. :)

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