Paula Glynn

Veteran Poet - 1,620 Points (December 1980 / Essex, Britain)

Television Takes Control - Poem by Paula Glynn

Images spread across the world,
Television taking control,
Snapshots of life in the Middle East rife,
Bombs in Ireland a long time ago,
But the world still remembers Tony Blair,
And the peace process.
Adverts sell rings and other jewellery, and beauty products,
On the occasional channel, as well as between shows,
Perfume ads for Chanel, CK One and Estee Lauder Beautiful,
Simply stylish, sexy and cool.
While chidren's programmes play early morning,
Shows such as Noddy and Thomas the Tnak Engine,
The Teletubbies and Postman Pat and many others,
While late at night crime shows are aired,
Crime Scene Investigation, Morse and such other programmes,
Depicting a dangerous side to the world.
Then there is historical fiction, such as Oliver Twist,
And Pride & Prejudice, Emma and Great Expectations,
And also shows about the history of the world,
The world wars, ancient Britain and even ancient Egypt;
The industrial Revolution: even the French revolution,
There is a lot to learn about world history,
And religious shows are also in abundance,
There is so much to learn about this complicated subject,
And alslo with traditions, beliefs and superstitions.
And then there comes to science programmes:
Many explaining the work done in cosmology and forensics,
For many want to explain the origins and workings of the universe,
And to know how crimes are solved.
But let's not forget the fashion channels:
The clothes are beautifully designed and sell like hotcakes,
Where programmes show you how to dress right and look stylish,
Like Mary Queen Of Shops and How To Look Good Naked;
All very popular television viewing.
And then these channels show brilliant Hollywood films,
There are just too many to count,
But they are all expertly written, filmed and edited,
And very popular for afternoon viewing,
Or late at night, whether it's a horror or romantic comedy.
There is just so much variety in all these television shows,
And I'll tell you what they know:
History, politics, fashion, music, trivia and science,
And much more, because television is a media tool,
It is there for every type of person and occupation to enjoy,
And hard workers is who these television companies employ,
And the TV is something no one will ever destroy,
To explain it simply, watching television can be educational,
Entertaining and informative and is for everyone to enjoy,
I praise the day the television was invented,
And the millions who work hard everyday,
To keep us entertained, and it isn't just Hollywood stars,
Who deserve credit: it is the writers, producers and camera people,
So when you're watching TV tonight, think of the effort gone into,
The programme you're watching and realise it is all good,
For society is less ignorant because of the television,
And the world will keep turning, becoming a better place,
For knowledge gives us freedom and choice in this life.

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