Temple Fair Poem by Cigeng Zhang

Temple Fair

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I was in the streams of people
Busily coming and going
I wanted to find a Totem mask
Might be hung on an eave of tiles
Afternoon sunshine was like a sword
Dazzling, sharp, piercing to my eyes
Yet, chill stirred the early spring air
Crazy wind of the northland blew hard
Colorful flags of silk carps flew on high
My hair fluttered as a carp-flag of black
I followed the crowd to look for the mask
If seeing the mask, I must have believed
That would be a good omen, a good sign
Long long ago, a royal girl of 17-year old
Wore the odd mask on her innocent face
Strolling around the fair, the same afternoon
She happened to meet her future lover
People said that was an auspicious symbol
Good luck to me! Could I find the mask soon?
To have the rare face on my face - give me luck

16 Feb 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: festival
Christopher Tye 16 August 2018

Wonderful poem, such an interesting read.

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Denis Mair 16 May 2017

Could you let us know the name of that folktale and the name of that royal girl? Which totem was on the mask she wore? At a temple fair, which is like a carnival, we may all present a new expression because one steps outside of one's everyday persona. .

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Cigeng Zhang 22 June 2017

My inspiration came from the old romance of Princess Taiping and Xue Shao (from an imperial family) in Tang dynasty. Thanks Denis for reading and comment.

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Edward Kofi Louis 27 July 2016

Festival! With the muse of colourful flags of silk. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Cigeng Zhang 27 July 2016

Sharing is the joy. Thank you so much for your reading and comment.

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Bharati Nayak 10 March 2016

In your poem this rare mask may be symbolic of some qualities that may seem odd but acquiring them will lead you to success.Perhaps you are wearing them now on your way to success.

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Cigeng Zhang 11 March 2016

Thank you so much Bharati for your comment. Road to success is not easy, but I have to go on and on even though without the rare mask. Actually we are our own luck, I think so.

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Daniel Brick 23 February 2016

Cigeng, my computer is unreliable but despite the problems I want to write to you. This is a sweet lovely poem which reveals longings everyone experience. Your poem gives them vibrant life. But in this crowd your longing is secret and you are solitary. You want the future now! And the young man you envision is somewhere thinking the same thoughts about you, but neither of you knows who that desired OTHER is. You want your story to merge with the fated princesses's. and this is what you should because as a wise man said, Nothing that is NOT imagined. Keep imagining your vision until it becomes an everyday reality. can.

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Cigeng Zhang 24 February 2016

I much appreciated your comment dear Daniel. I like a song Dreams are my reality.... Yes, keep imagining is what a poet loves to do. Thank you!

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