Tenure Poem by Jeremy Horsford


My mind is imprisoned.

Time has a stranglehold over my existence,
a psychological headlock,
limiting my thoughts, actions and development.

That unfathomable concept of forever,
haunts me never-ending.
Mimicking the voice of a loved one,
who has faded into the background as the years progress.

I am finding the repetition of time,
as a reoccurring failure of the present.
An ubiquitous cloud of contempt,
without a breath of fresh air.

Is there an escape from such an orchestrated fit-up?

Is the acceptance of transcendence,
a freedom from this imprisonment?
Or is the thought of...I am but one of many,
until the moment of conclusion, light relief?


My mind is imprisoned...and acceptance is paramount.

Monday, February 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: fate
Tom Billsborough 11 March 2017

Having recently lost my wife, I can fully understand this very fine poem. Whatever you do, do not attempt to lose this person. By celebrating his or her life, perhaps you will undo the Gordion Knot.

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Jeremy Horsford 11 March 2017

Tom, sorry for your lost. I'll catch up with you over private message.

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Dimitrios Galanis 07 March 2017

Philosophical point of views often are not apt to form a lyric point of feeling verses demand. Especially to us whose english is not the native language.

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Jeremy Horsford 17 March 2017

Maybe, I'll record a spoken version at some point in the future. Hopefully that will enhance the reader/user experience. Thanks for highlighting language limitations.

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Dimitrios Galanis 11 March 2017

I have translated the poem and submitted it here in PH to be published.In my verses it sounds indeed so nice.Perhaps I could not appreciate its english sounds, feeling and meaning of the language.

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Jeremy Horsford 11 March 2017

Your points are debatable (although I do hear you) . The feeling is there. The feeling was always there. The thought of losing a loved one to time (third stanza) , haunts me and I'm sure others. Once someone understands that stanza, the poem as a whole could be viewed differently. But then again, it's just a poem and the reader is responsible for bringing it to life.

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Bud Taylor 20 February 2017

I believe trust in the pervading stream of consciousness a gift of our transitory world. Family and friends a remembrance of the relationships created in lifetimes of... Thoughts, actions and development. Great write, made me think!

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

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