Through The Ages Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Through The Ages

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I came to being back when electricity
was an unknown, lightning was act of
God and the thought of explaining
sciences was an attempt at witchcraft.

I have watched many empires rise and
fall, kings and queens of just and
unjust equities, victims falling from
a single word, life of such grand
pleasures and the wave of a hand
orchestrating new destinies.

I have listened to stories being told
and retold with edits to suit the
period, retold truths substantiating
the new direction of society, truths
being fictional characters in the
minds of the forgotten.

I have felt the emotion of the earth
in moments of desperation, the
disappearance of variation, the tears
of the gone and the dreams of the

I have tasted the sea during
expeditions, the juices of exotic
dining, the smoke of a burning city
and the dust of dry land.

I have hoped to be the linchpin
through the ages. Although, through
my existence, change has reaped it's

I am no immortal and time has changed
my surroundings to what it once was.
I am now surrounded by things of a
similar nature to that of myself and
there is not much I can do being a

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: observation
The Random Poet 03 July 2016

I would've smiled a bit more if the last line line was a toaster but smiled non-the-less!

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Jeremy Horsford 03 July 2016

Comedy is always welcome.

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Sumit Ganguly 23 June 2016

A common man, through the ages, is an onlooker and receiver of good or bad effects of different ages. Nice.

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The Random Poet 03 July 2016

Man is but a speck of dust in the cosmos of vacuuming...

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Tom Billsborough 19 June 2016

I sometimes think of Ancient Oaks that must have experienced so many different Ages. I do get a strong feeling of you feeling that you are a passive observer, as you indicate in the last line. Your sense of rhythm is very good and the content full of interest too. Tom Billsborough

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Jeremy Horsford 03 July 2016

You are correct re passive observer, as I sometimes wonder if there is more to learn from observation rather than direct intervention.

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The Random Poet 03 July 2016

I agree with Tom, tho' a willow will bend with time whilst the mighty Oak can finally snap - The human race as ssuch is unyielding through it's Leaders..: (

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Kishore Kumar Das 19 June 2016

Whatever vast observations you had.....from the sky, sea, empire, stories....will definitely refuel you to derive some of the truths for living for you as well as the mankind.

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

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