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Death Bed - Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Is this the end?

With every breath I am transported to soap
operas of hope & loss. Where I am neither
the author nor narrator, but a passenger of
my own existence.

I once dreamt of foreverness rippling
through the ponds of time and forever
seeking out new beginnings. My never-ending
story, full of chapters unwritten.

Memories bleed from my mind. Tears follow
the buried feelings unearthed by the wound.

I have wronged, but not corrected and to
seek forgiveness in my absence is an obstacle
I must face.

The thought of losing all that I know is

My breath shortens.

My never-ending story shines bright. Yet,
a story has an end and despite my hope for
it to never end...

Is this the end?

Topic(s) of this poem: death

Comments about Death Bed by Jeremy Horsford

  • Carol Nichols (2/8/2017 8:05:00 AM)

    I have read this over and over. A passenger of my own existence, great line! (Report) Reply

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  • Atasha Williams (1/10/2017 1:13:00 PM)

    wow. it does sound like the end, amazing use of imagery. love your expression.
    you touch my heart. Death is unfortunately part of living.
    Great work brother,
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    Jeremy Horsford (1/10/2017 3:56:00 PM)

    Death is a strange one to me. Difficult to understand. I may never truly get it.

  • Naida Nepascua Supnet (1/3/2017 7:26:00 AM)

    wow, nice one.
    There are things we never want to end and never want to let go..but fate has its way of getting through what has to happen. (Report) Reply

  • (12/20/2016 8:23:00 AM)

    This line summed up death for me...The thought of losing all that I know is unsettling...This is my greatest fear as a mother. I have two young boys, I know that my eldest likes his cheeses in slices, that my youngest will only sleep with his Mickey mouse. That thought that if I should leave them who will know what I know about them is indeed very unsettling. You have been very insightful throughout this poem, well written :) (Report) Reply

  • Iqra Hassan (8/8/2016 1:25:00 AM)

    is this the end? a universal question. loved reading it. (Report) Reply

  • (6/19/2016 10:59:00 AM)

    There is a strange feeling I get about Consciousness, almost that we are merely passive witnesses. This sense comes across to me in what is a very well written poem. there is much deeply felt emotion which is well expressed.
    My first read of your verse and well worth the visit.

    tom billsborough
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  • Jasbir Chatterjee (5/23/2016 12:45:00 AM)

    Our ancient scriptures also say that things don't end with death. The body decays and merges with earth while the soul moves on and gets itself a new home in another body. Nice work. I like the way it begins and ends with the same line, Is it the end? It makes the poem sound very lyrical...Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

  • Haruna Garba (4/7/2016 11:42:00 AM)

    The thought of losing all that I know is
    Really appealing for anybody that minds scruple.
    (Report) Reply

  • (3/16/2016 9:08:00 PM)

    It's good to start and end with 'Is this the end? ' Some deep emotion here. M.Walker. (Report) Reply

  • Anne Yun (3/8/2016 7:15:00 PM)

    this one is definitly a great one, i think a good poem is always appealing the first time we read it, and then can't help reading it more times. i will collect this one into my notebook.
    Thanks for sharing. Anne
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  • Moira Cameron (3/5/2016 5:34:00 PM)

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading, and re-reading, this poem. Where you chose to break the lines - did you craft it that way, or did it just feel right? For instance, in the first verse, With every breath I am transported to soap - I know this will seem morbid, but I have heard that with the decomposition process, a human body can become soap. So when you ended your line there - that was what popped into my head. But then, the phrase continued in the next line, so it was almost as though the idea in the line could be read two ways. The same with the second line: ...loss and hope. Where I am neither - I am neither loss or hope, is one way to read the idea of the line, but then the phrase continues on the next line. I thought that was clever.

    I also liked the way the words seemed to become more sparse as the poem concluded, mimicking the thoughts leaving the body with each breath.
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  • Souren Mondal (3/2/2016 8:00:00 PM)

    I really like this poem Jeremy, particularly the lines -

    'Memories bleed from my mind. Tears follow
    the buried feelings unearthed by the wound.'

    There is something deeply poignant at work here, the realisation of the transitory nature of the existence of humans, the thoughts that proceed from such a 'feeling' are very subtly portrayed here.. There is gentle way of expressing tough ideas/realisation etc. A finely crafted poem.. Thank you.
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  • Kewayne Wadley (2/29/2016 12:15:00 PM)

    This is amazing! I was easily pulled in the first couple of line.
    Great artistry. Great imagination!

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  • Atasha Williams (2/24/2016 6:45:00 AM)

    My never-ending story shines bright. Yet,
    a story has an end and despite my hope for
    it to never end...
    Very strong words my friend keep up the good work :)
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  • (1/10/2016 6:55:00 PM)

    A never-ending story of life unfortunately always has an end when we breathe our last. With poets though we live on in everything we write as others read them through the years. Some will be cherished and treasured much more than we ourselves will ever be. Great poem. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn (Report) Reply

  • Taniya Kundu (1/7/2016 2:16:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem, love the humour and the lucidity of the words, flowing seamlessly... :) (Report) Reply

  • (12/22/2015 3:23:00 AM)

    Good piece of work (If you have a spare few seconds try A Humorous Death.Regards Sally (Report) Reply

  • Anita Khelawan (12/21/2015 8:18:00 AM)

    the first two stanzas were impeccable i was consumed by it..... what a lovely poem...thanx for sharing
    do check my own as it has similar undertones... Death Is Calling At My Door
    (Report) Reply

  • Thabani Khumalo (12/17/2015 5:45:00 AM)

    it really does it for me and i hope you'd put some of your work on record and have us listen to the richness of this silence. i love it (Report) Reply

  • Kim Barney (12/16/2015 3:04:00 PM)

    Naw... it's not the end. You're still young. It's when you get to be my age that you should wonder about things like that.
    Well written poem.
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