Death Bed Poem by Jeremy Horsford

Death Bed

Rating: 4.9

Is this the end?

With every breath I am transported to soap
operas of hope & loss. Where I am neither
the author nor narrator, but a passenger of
my own existence.

I once dreamt of foreverness rippling
through the ponds of time and forever
seeking out new beginnings. My never-ending
story, full of chapters unwritten.

Memories bleed from my mind. Tears follow
the buried feelings unearthed by the wound.

I have wronged, but not corrected and to
seek forgiveness in my absence is an obstacle
I must face.

The thought of losing all that I know is

My breath shortens.

My never-ending story shines bright. Yet,
a story has an end and despite my hope for
it to never end...

Is this the end?

Sunday, November 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Dimitrios Galanis 07 December 2015

I got your message, As soon as I'll have your poems I'll send you a message.The one I read shows that you have what we call poetic talent.I may translate then some of your poems into greek. //Every breath transports me to operas soap// those of hope and loss, where i'm.....Do not split the meaning of a phrase by splitting it to two verses.//The conception of the poem is very very prototypic.What it has to say it is said depicted in picture.You know the more the pictures[icons], the better the poem.'Memories bleed from my mind. Tears follow the buried feelings unearthed by the wound.' =great verses.

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Anne Yun 08 March 2016

the more the pictures, the better the poem. i think i am learning a very good guidance of composing a poem.thanks

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Kim Barney 16 December 2015

Naw... it's not the end. You're still young. It's when you get to be my age that you should wonder about things like that. Well written poem.

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Souren Mondal 02 March 2016

I really like this poem Jeremy, particularly the lines - 'Memories bleed from my mind. Tears follow the buried feelings unearthed by the wound.' There is something deeply poignant at work here, the realisation of the transitory nature of the existence of humans, the thoughts that proceed from such a 'feeling' are very subtly portrayed here.. There is gentle way of expressing tough ideas/realisation etc. A finely crafted poem.. Thank you.

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Richard Antwi 22 June 2020

Is this the end? sad, but not the end. The judgement day is the end Nicely written.

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Carol Nichols 08 February 2017

I have read this over and over. A passenger of my own existence, great line!

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Atasha Williams 10 January 2017

wow. it does sound like the end, amazing use of imagery. love your expression. you touch my heart. Death is unfortunately part of living. Great work brother,

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Jeremy Horsford 10 January 2017

Death is a strange one to me. Difficult to understand. I may never truly get it.

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 03 January 2017

There are things we never want to end and never want to let go..but fate has its way of getting through what has to happen.

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Sister Frances 20 December 2016

This line summed up death for me...The thought of losing all that I know is unsettling...This is my greatest fear as a mother. I have two young boys, I know that my eldest likes his cheeses in slices, that my youngest will only sleep with his Mickey mouse. That thought that if I should leave them who will know what I know about them is indeed very unsettling. You have been very insightful throughout this poem, well written :)

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Jeremy Horsford

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