That Is You Poem by Kelly Vinal

That Is You

Rating: 5.0

Your life seems sudden
And less familiar –
Sometimes bigger,
Sometimes louder than
You ever expected

Drowning in cacophony
Echoes –
Echoes in the caverns
Of memories you can’t expunge

So yearning to be free

When the lily throws herself wide open
When the eaglet spreads unsteady wings
When the moistened foal first stumbles, then rises –
Entreating the world to see

That is you, in molt,
In catharsis; metamorphosis –
From the splitting cocoon,
Emerges beauty –
Rainbow wings spreading,
Independent and delicate –
Confident and free


This is you

Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 03 September 2005

Very nice...very touching!

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 03 September 2005

Kelly, transformations are difficult and unavoidable. Once this process has been accepted, the beauty of it all seems less traumatic. I like this poem very much. Thanks.

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Lyla Pinkwater 03 September 2005

That's brilliant Mr. Vinal... it seems very close to you (and to so many of us) . Lyla

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Charley60 K 26 January 2007

Well written and interesting write. How we see ourselves or others...always never the same. Growing, changing, never the same. Wondering and hoping always for the better, or have we arrived at who we have finally become.

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Asma Bahrainwala 06 September 2006

a visual treat! ! 'the lily throws herself wide open the eaglet spreads unsteady wings the moistened foal first stumbles, then rises the splitting cocoon Rainbow wings spreading' its indeed very graphic.. n da lines 'Echoes in the caverns Of memories'- indeed very striking! ! an amazing poem.. :) regards asma...

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Herbert Nehrlich1 04 September 2005

I bet you get a lot of inspiration where you are now. This is again so far above the ordinary, wonderful job. H

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Allan James Saywell 03 September 2005

well kelly you have made the journey from when i first knew you to being a good poet to being a brilliant poet and i have had the priviledge of seeing you evolve Warm regards allan

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true enough. transformations are rarely easily earned. lovely. lovely. lovely.

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