Swan Feather Poem by Kelly Vinal

Swan Feather

Rating: 5.0

Wounded swan, still beautiful –
Spreads wings she feels
Are broken –
Determined still to climb again
To clouds that call her home.

Broken bird, so painful so
To those she’s known
And those who’ve known
Her hopeful song – it soothes
The gentle rain.

A fallen dream, no destiny
It seems, but few know her resolve –
No hawk, no storm
No gravity
Will keep her on the ground.

A gusting wind, an answered prayer
Believing in herself again,
She circles to her clouds, she’s home –
A feather floats

To be this writer’s pen!

Mary Nagy 12 September 2005

Very beautiful poem Kelly...........I really enjoyed this one. I hate to say it reminds me of the swan my husband hit with his truck (accidental of course) ....it didn't end up so beautifully though.....................he ate it. lol (true) Wonderful poem. Sincerely, Mary

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Uriah Hamilton 12 September 2005

Very inspiring, I'm sure you will write other great poems with that pen.

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Raynette Eitel 12 September 2005

This is beautiful in every way and poignant. Your last line completes it well. Raynette

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Pradeep Dhavakumar 12 September 2005

Good poem, Kelly. Very inspiring. Thank you.

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Diane Violet 03 December 2007

Oh my very beautiful and inspiring! All the best, Diane

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Trucker Jeff 08 September 2006

You put together a book of poetry and I will buy it. I wonder after your message what this may be about.

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Trucker Jeff 08 September 2006

simply awsome

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 13 September 2005

Beautiful.....A tear came to my eyes.

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Herbert Nehrlich1 12 September 2005

No hawk......no gravity... Excellent. H

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Kelly Vinal

Kelly Vinal

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