That Long Awaited Call Poem by Madrason .

That Long Awaited Call

Rating: 4.8

We've got to make a mence
and stop our false pretense
that we are suffering so much
we're just only out of touch
but not yet out of reach
for we are not alone
time is a precious stone
not unlike an abalone
so lay down your mobile phone
and start to talk in common sense
for all of us there will be a second chance!

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: forgiveness
Ellen Ni Bheachain 13 March 2021

So true on the writing of your poem. If only more would give their technologies a break and get with each other and nature.

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Varsha M 12 September 2020

Very true words. There is second chance for evey one.

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Michael Walker 12 September 2020

I agree that too much time is wasted talking on mobile phones. I like to think that we will all be forgiven and get a second chance. The first line: Do you mean 'make amends? '

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madrason 14 September 2020

No I meant a mence!

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Deluke Muwanigwa 12 September 2020

Nice one. Flows well to conclusion. That there is hope with some good old no holds barred straight talk

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Madrason .

Madrason .

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