The Angry Young Father Poem by Alexander Julian

The Angry Young Father

A young man becomes the father of a new-born child.
He drinks and swears with a busy schedule.
The baby cries during one night and infuriates him.
Parenting becomes a hassle.
Our fine-looking man curses and wants to give his baby away.
"Just throw it out the window! "
But, the mother picks up the spoiled brat and keeps her husband at peace.
Yet he still feels anxious- the imagery of parenthood is too much for him.
While cussing, yelling, and fighting he urges the mother to leave it alone.
"He's just a baby and I'm sick of him! "
She calms him down by wrapping the precious child in a quilt made by her grandma.
Eventually he stops screaming but continues glaring at the newly born.
It's midnight, it's past 8- so, he goes back to their bed, disgruntled and upset.

This is an example of real life I can think of right now.
We must understand something.
It's vulgar for someone to hate a baby.
Yes, the baby hasn't grown up into an adult as of late, but it's just born.
The infant must be taken care of so it can grow under the light.
Light itself may be a determining factor on the newly born's health.
Enough health ought to be seen before there's a guarantee in parenting knowledge.
Nobody knows if the baby will grow up to be a good person.
It may, it may not.
Babies need to be given a chance for living unless they're really a danger to mothers.
And, once a baby is born, its parent should keep it in harmony.
Judgement can be had against irresponsible parents.
Villains need to be loved, also.
So we can't give any sort of judgement for a baby yet- it's too young.
Other than giving it a name and determining the sex we can't find fault until later.

Sunday, November 10, 2019
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