The Apple And The Worm Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

The Apple And The Worm

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Once upon a time there lived
A hungry worm so lean and small,
Who searched within the garden
Looking for some food to eat,
He came across an apple tree
And saw the fruit upon the boughs,
Each one was scarlet red and shone
And looked so lush and sweet.

He slowly climbed the mossy trunk
Then crawled along the twisted branch,
Where apples hung amongst the leaves
As if they were entwined,
He said 'Which apple shall I eat?
'For each one looks the same to me
I'll have to try each one in turn
I can't make up my mind.'

The first he met was large and round
Through which he bored a tiny hole,
And yet he soon came out because
That apple tasted sour,
'That wasn't nice at all! ' he said
Whilst spitting out the bit he'd chewed,
'I'll have to find a nicer one
I'm able to devour.'

And so he crawled unto the next
'I'll take a bite of you instead, '
And yet it was so hard and tough
He nearly broke his jaw,
'Ow! ' he cried in desperate pain
'That hurt me! ' So he carried on,
Along the branch not knowing
What the future held in store.

A blackbird pecked the next with glee
And saw the worm as he approached,
He paused for just a moment
Then the blackbird sternly said,
'This apple's mine so go away
And find another of your own,
Just head upon your way or else
I'll eat you up instead! '

The last he saw was full of holes
'I do not fancy that, ' he said,
And yet a voice from deep inside
Said 'Join us at the core, '
He took a bite it tasted sweet
Then saw his friends all feeding there,
And they ate and ate throughout the day
Till they could eat no more.

Tsira Goge 06 August 2009

Andrew, Fine poem, also a good lesson for some.... 10... Tsira

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Sandra Martyres 06 August 2009

An interesting poem Andrew....kind of join the band wagon that's the place to be...nice lesson 10

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Lynda Robson 06 August 2009

It's always nice to have company when we eat lol, great poem with a sort of message, 10 Lynda xx

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Mary Sanchez 19 August 2009

If I were still a young one, I would love to hear this story every evening at bedtime. very very nice. Teresa

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Shashendra Amalshan 16 August 2009

wowwwwwwww..... Hey this is very creative.. You start the poem as if you are narrating a bed time story, yet as the story goes on you do capture the reader's interest.... this one is in most ways an entertaining read.. A poem that can be enjoyed at many levels.... good.. regards shan

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Ramesh T A 06 August 2009

The poem reveals the fact of how to select the ripe fruit! Very interesting!

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Bob Blackwell 06 August 2009

A tale of grubs and worms and apple trees, a lovely tale, that is unless you are an apple.

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How beautiful is this! To tell you the truth I just love it! Worms do have to make decisions about what they eat, just like we do and it is important to eat with their friends too! So this is an insight into the social life of a worm! Andrew, it is the best poem I have read today and your imagination is just great! 10 Karin Anderson

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