The Banyan Tree Poem by Rajan T Renganathan

The Banyan Tree

Rating: 5.0

Near my old school, there is a banyan tree
I've always wondered where these roots develop
and where the strength comes from.
It's the only tree I'm aware of that has roots
both below and above ground.
My classmates and I used to swing for hours
during long recess and after school hours
while waiting for the rickshaw to arrive.
So many birds have built their nests,
and there are billions of ants all around.
Occasionally, a troop of monkeys hops
to hide and play on the swing like we do.
I heard a story about ghosts living on it
and coming out at night to celebrate.
One day after school, we went to the tree to play hide and seek, not noticing that the rickshaw had vanished
while we were still playing.
As the darkness engulfed us,
we realised we were lost and that Ghost might appear.

When I visited that banyan tree after fifty years,
all of my previous days rushed back to me like a documentary.
Even that day, when the darkness began to engulf me,
I grew restless and hurried away
as if a ghost was following me.

LeeAnn Azzopardi 29 July 2023

Rajan this is just a beautiful share Bravo! !

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Anjandev Roy 29 July 2023

Wonderful representation.....thanks for sharing

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Bharati Nayak 14 May 2023

Enchanting memories of childhood , very beautifully put! Thanks for sharing.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 14 May 2023

The giant banyan tree unfolds each line of each page of the book of your life. Liked the ending....beautiful poetry!

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