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The Best Works Done By Us Will Be Completed By Interested Ones Later Sure!

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No one's life is having permanent existence in the world then, now and ever;
But it is better to do the best we can as our gratitude for having enjoyed life
Both in a good and bad way with enjoyment and sufferings so long on the Earth;
That's the way we can have fulfilment, satisfaction, joy and pride quite unique!

What we have done so far will remain even after us to remind about us to all;
That's the way we could be imprinting our mark in the world forever sure;
As Poetry does that will inspire the aspiring ones and givng ideas too
To complete the work they have taken as a challenge to make achievement!

The success and name they earn among their folks will appreciate us;
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The gratitude we show by our best works will be continued even after us to have completion later!
Roxanne Dubarry 13 October 2021

As usual we really do agree about leaving lasting legacies!

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 October 2021

By contributing the best we can, we will be in high status of many people's hearts......this is the truth!

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Ramesh T A 13 October 2021

Thank you so much for reading and finding out the truth therein!

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Lyn Paul 12 October 2021

Inspiring words you have shared. For us all to believe we are here for a purpose.

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Ramesh T A 13 October 2021

Thanks a lot for reading my poem and saying the vital point of our life here!

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