Skylar Kendall

San Pedro, California
Skylar Kendall
San Pedro, California

The Blood Red Road

Never will I forget the sounds
Of each terror filled screams of pain
The road flooded with scarlet blood
I do not wish again
To see the blood again
To hear the screams again.

On a midnight of November
When the old familliar wind again
Blowed from the chilled north
Drops of November rain
Filled my senses again
Relieved my heart of pain
Soothed my sores once again

The wind blew, as I saw
A woman walk briskly, almost in pain
Searching for something, craving
She kept searching again and again
Searching through the November rain
For something as my heart forgot its pain.

'Excuse me sir, ' she did say.
As she walked past me again.
'Where might be the mayor' she said
Thinking of once again
As my heart forgot its pain
Where did the mayor live again.

I shrugged my shoulders, she walked on by
As I thought to never see her again.
Then what I heard rom behind
A sound I never wanted to hear again
The scream I dare not want to hear again
As it shook me so, caused me pain.

A man screamed in absolute terror
In terror, in anguish, in pain
He cried for mercy, I did hear
Then no sound once again
Just silence once again
Only my breathing once agian.

Fear now controls my heart, I ran away from the scene
I forget my problems, my sorrow, my pain
My foot steps upon the cold stone ground
Never did I want to hear again
Never did I want to think again
As I ran, my heart forgot its pain

Then I saw something I couldn't believe
A woman who surely did cuase him pain
Biting his throat, taking his blood out
She stopped sucking, The blood of him began again
To spill on the floor in pain
He hit the floor in pain.

Her lips were drenched in blood
Her eyes looked to me again
She liked her lips, stared at me
I began to run again
I never wanted to be seen again
Never hear her screams again

I heard her scream in the November moon light
Her lust for my blood made my heart feel pain
In fear of what she would do
I ran again
Away from her pain
Away in the November rain

Her screams, that of a wailing banshee
Tears my soul, leaves fear and pain
Her blood lust, I could sense it so
So I ran again
I felt fear and pain
As I saw again

Corpses along the now blood stained road
Blood flowing like a river of fear, of pain
The blood crimson, staining the stone
I saw the bodies lie in the November rain
I saw my heart in pain
I heard the banshee again

Then I saw him in the night
His blood lined lips, his horrid fangs again
He laughed, then howled like a wolf
I never thought I would see again
In the November rain
These monsters of pain

His man like body, yet wolf like features
He was nothing I wanted to see again
Fur and fangs with blank white eyes
I saw his power again
I saw his size again
He wanted to cause me pain

I heard him howl at the full moon's light
And the banshee vampire scream again
They lusted for blood, for kills
They smelt my fear again
I ran once again
I felt the presence of them in the rain

Then silence, my heart raced in fear
Rain drops heard again
Then more screams in the November night
Rain drops again
Pain enters my heart again.

I heard their footsteps behind me
So I ran once again
Running over corpses blood
I heard the banshee's scream again
The wolf's howl again
Pain enters my heart again

The blood of the corpses stain the road
The blood flows again and again
I run now forevermore
In fear of the screams again
In fear of the howls again
In fear of death... again.
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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