The Brave Heart. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

The Brave Heart.

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Her family members were
fast asleep in the middle
of the pitch-dark night.
Sanjana Pawade, a village woman
in her thirties, sensed the
presence of a leopard outside
their house precinct.

She awoke her husband,
told her to check.
When he went out, the leopard
pounced upon him,
tried to catch hold of
the man's neck.
Sanjana showed no sign
of fear, lost no moments,
rushed and grabbed the
animal's tail and tried
with all her strength
to pull it back.

As she tried to free her
husband, victim's father
and their pet dog arrived,
started hitting the leopard
by stick and granite tiles.
The dog barked and attacked
the animal in
its own style.

The leopard lost its grip
on the man who then ran away
from the animal.
However, his head and arms
were injured in the fight,
got admitted and also discharged,
after some first aid,
from the hospital.

The strength and courage
of the wife in such a horrific
situation is, no doubt, exemplary.
Pulling the tail so as to prevent
the carnivore to hold his neck
substantiates her
extra-ordinary bravery.

I appreciate her grit with
all my gratitude towards
the brave heart.
Had it been the case with me,
I cracked a joke with my
lady brave heart that
I would have gone live
in the feline stomach
and I was laughed at.

This incident happened recently
in the state of Maharastra
in India, reported by the
English daily'The times of India'.

Extraordinary grit shown by wife saved her husband's life.
LeeAnn Azzopardi 06 April 2022

What a WOMAN! ! SHE's like Wonder Woman and I enjoyed the poem you told the story with Bravo!

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Man tries to denigrate woman calling her ‘the weaker '. His fallacy is laid bare by this real life story. Thank You for sharing

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