To My...Friend? * Poem by God is Good

To My...Friend? *

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Bloody, beat, and bruised
left in a cold dark room.
No one's voice heard,
no one's face seen.
Yet I feel your touch,
gently upon my shoulder.
I look up to you,
you staring down at me,
looking in my eyes.
Something inside makes me get up,
or try anyways.
You by my side, lifting me.
You take me in your arms,
I've never felt such a sweet smile spread upon my lips,
till now.
I close my eyes cherishing this moment....
Then I open them to look at your face, ever so gentle,
only to find that again there's no one there.
I frantically look around the room, only to realize that you were never here...
What am I doing?
I didn't imagine you, did I?
I sit back down, in pain and start to cry,
but then I remeber you more clearly...
I couldn't have imagined you....
Your words replay in my mind,
the concern, fresh in my thoughts...
then somehow i hear your voice,
you're here, in spirit...
I've never met you,
but you are my only friend,
and though you're far away,
I feel you closer to me than anyone else.

Nicholas Neato 08 June 2009

This is a fantastic write. :)

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milady, forced into the mean world when only a baby. wonderful girl with a big loving heart...only if... I would... even with that, your friend would Always be here.

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