The Daze Poem by Mary Ruefle

Mary Ruefle

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

The Daze

Rating: 3.8

It was one of those mornings the earth seemed
not to have had any rest at all, her face dour
and unrefreshed, no particular place-- subway,
park-- expressed sufficient interest in present circumstances
though flowers popped up and tokens
dropped down, deep in the turnstiles. And from
the dovecots nothing was released or killed.
No one seemed to mind, though everyone noticed.
If the alphabet died-- even the o collapsing, the l
a lance in its groin-- what of it? The question
'krispies, flakes or loops?'-- always an indicator of
attention-- took a turn for the worse, though crumpets
could still be successfully toasted: machines worked,
the idiom death warmed over was in use. By noon,
postage stamps were half their width and worth
but no one stopped licking. Neutrinos passed,
undetected. Corpulent clouds formed in the sky.
Tea was served at four. When the wind blew off a shingle
or two, like hairs, and the scalp of the house began
to howl, not a roofer nailed it down. That was that.
When the moon came out and glowed like a night light
loose in its socket, no one was captious, cautious or wise,
though the toes of a few behaved strangely in bed--
they peeped out of the blankets like insects' antennae,
then turned into periscopes scouting to see
if the daze that was morning had actually managed to doze.

Edward Kofi Louis 07 November 2016

In its socket! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Partha Pratim Goswami 07 November 2016

I find it most unconventional and extraordinary.Beautiful piece of creation

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Earnest Gatuma 07 November 2016

Simply flourishing, amazing and beautiful.....

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Seamus O Brian 07 November 2016

So colorfully inventive. A jaunty ride to nowhere, each bump and jostle engagingly enjoyable.

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Bill Cantrell 07 November 2016

A pleasure to read this wonderful work

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Bernard F. Asuncion 07 November 2017

Such a brilliant write, Mary... congrats for being chosen.....10++++

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 07 November 2017

When the moon came out and glowed like a night light loose in its socket, no one was captious, cautious or wise, though the toes of a few behaved strangely in bed- Wow beautiful lines, so nicely penned. Thanks for sharing. 10+++

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Reliving the events of the day or dreaming of what will come tomorrow..nice poem.. a ten..dreams do record and haunt..

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Anil Kumar Panda 07 November 2017

This is a beautiful poetry about the intricacies in the morning hours. Congrats.

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Paul Brookes 07 November 2017

This is a dream-scape of the best kind as you wander in the night restless in strange lands where nothing as it seems until waking unrefreashed to the dawn feeling dazed. The imagery used is vivid and the strange metaphors compliment the dream like quality of the writing This a is a deserved poem of the day well written and concise tight writing Congratulations much deserved.

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Mary Ruefle

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
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