The Difference Between Their Love Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

The Difference Between Their Love

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Once there was a dog named Snoppy,
He was so loyal to me.
Whenever I was there with him
his heart would leap up. he-hee.

We were so obsessed of each other,
He had never let me- on him- shout,
He was the one and the only one
I would not go out without.

We were so understanding to each other,
Not like all these men.
Who lives for only his sake,
Since when their life begins.
And this only makes the difference.

And on my return from school,
He was always hopping and jumping.
I would dropp my satchel down
And would go to him by running.

Our face would all fill with grin,
In my stomach he would tickle.
So delighting and so felicitous,
Then both of us would giggle.

He was the one who would make me gag,
I remember the first time we sang.
He would always slug me gently,
Whenever I would dusk with a bang.

We would enjoy every moment of life,
Playing and eating ice cream.
Then I wake up and realized,
'God! Was that just a dream'! ! !

This is a poem which tells the difference between the love of a speechless dog and love of another men for a man. It asks the reader that if an animal can love a person and and is ready to give up his life for his owners love but then where did the love between the men gone? ? ? why are they so mean to each other! I hope you'll like it....!
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Philo Yan 19 October 2012

The answer is a 3 letter word-EGO Men kill, plunder, go to war for ego Women just go on a shopping spree Some men's ego are as big as the moon Women's egos are also called jealousy Elect a woman head and soon.

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isam Abdelrahman 19 October 2012

Talent is around; clear and confident comparing to your age.go ahead Akanksha

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Sanjay Mehta 19 October 2012

Dreams too are based on the actual events, nice observation and diction to is good, this is not that you are too young. I would like to share a quote, Man may be young in years but old in hours. Thanks for sharing.

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Indranil Bhaduri 19 October 2012

Touches my heart, ... Great job....

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Anshul Bhatt 19 October 2012

very nice write sis! keep it up! ! ! keep smiling! all the best! :)

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Khalida Bano Ali 10 October 2014

Rated 0, love is not confined to humans, it is gift of God to all His creatures. A nice poem.

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Simon Ojewale 04 January 2013

Magnificent! Great job here and a catchy end.

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Valsa George 31 October 2012

The canine law teaches us to be loyal and faithful to the end without looking for returns! Yes, dogs are proverbial for thier fidelty towards their masters! Hope your pet is still there to greet you back home from school! Great! Go on!

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Rishit Desai 27 October 2012

Yes wonderful and we need to learn from them. Keep it up

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Kevin Halls 23 October 2012

A dog gives us unconditional love while we humans only tend to give love for something in return. A good insight Akanksha from someone so young, well done!

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