... Our Mother Nature... Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

... Our Mother Nature...

Rating: 3.6

None was having time
to stand and stare.
Becoming so mean they said
'Huh! Why to care? '.

Listening to that she thought
that She was ignored.
Not in hope of revenge
She'll love us more.

We should love the grove
Instead, we are making them grave.
We hurt her so much
Then also we just crave and crave.

She always quench our thirst.
'Cuz in her believe, we aren't the worst...!

Habeeb Kayode Yahaya 30 October 2012

nice poem dear you all should ask me how it one feels when there is someone missing in one's life i love your way of composing

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Mark Dillon 30 October 2012

Another great poem, we should all listen to what mother nature tells us, life would be better.

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That`s why Akanksha we are really paying for our acts of folly... Mother nature ought to be concerned about her children who are averse to her eternal plea for self sustenance and meaningful survival. We, the poets cry from these platforms and remain passive otherwise. At your school let there be an awareness created on the excesses of man against his mother and let your teachers be proud of Miss Akanksha who writes on such universal themes.. Orphaned kids and a deprived earth are going to be synonymous with each other... A good poem my little friend.

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Aung Si 31 October 2012

wow you penned a beautiful masterpiece.. :) my vote is 9.Good job!

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Neela Nath Das 02 November 2012

Nature is stoical, lovely. Thanks for sharing this nice piece.

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Patricia Grantham 09 April 2014

Mother nature can never be ignored. She pays an untimely visit when she is good and ready. A sweet write.

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Free Bird 04 May 2013

ufff what a nice poem. i just love it. very simplicity and truthess is filled in this poem

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Vishal Sharma 05 January 2013

LOVELY Writing...hats off to ur talent...keep it up... good wishes

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Simon Ojewale 03 January 2013

Lovely Poem, You did a good job on the composition and expressing your emotions.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 15 November 2012

All natural things should be protected.

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