Why Am I So Confused Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

Why Am I So Confused

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Once I was getting very much bored
I asked my mind what to do dude
He said 'Sit quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes and the grass grows by itself'.
I was confused cuz I didn't understood.

Then what! I asked my heart the same one,
It said what can you do instead of that
which is present inside your soal,
which is present inside you girl!
I was confused cuz I didn't understood.

Then I thought of the poetry.
I wrote all my emotions,
which I'd never thought I could.
Poetry can be done by only few,
It is just a magic trick,
I've completed my three poems,
Vow! Its just a hat-trick.

Then I asked myself that
'Why I was so confused and
Why I didn't understood,
Why am I so confused? !

Akanksha Bhatt 30 September 2012

hey! members keep commenting please!

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 September 2012

written well and thanks for sharing

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David C Probst 11 October 2012

I like the spiritual touch of your poem! A very mature poem for your age!

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Unwritten Soul 12 October 2012

This is awesome, i like the dimension you took to talk to self and bring your consciousness..sometimes you need your inner feeling and delivered by mind to stop confusion, it may needs time but you will learn it effectively in the future...your poem was nicely written, so keep it up okay_Soul

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Aung Si 16 October 2012

A resplendent collection of thoughts humorously penned down.I especially love third stanza.Well done! ! !

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Prachi Rawal 20 September 2020

Haha that is so relatable with me . I wish I could write something like this. Great work??.

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Sandeep Dubey 28 May 2013

Nice.....U r not confused actually.. :) ..nice one.

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Sandy Player 04 January 2013

It bubbles with Energy! im glad this Is the 1st of your poems I've read, it's a great introduction into you as a poet.

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Sahil Sood 01 November 2012

Great poem.. I njoyed reading it.. Keep writing...

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Kevin Halls 31 October 2012

A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but ignoring that a clever little poem Akanksha. I can tell you are enjoying writing your poems, so keep on writing!

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