Why Am I So Confused Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

Why Am I So Confused

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Once I was getting very much bored
I asked my mind what to do dude
He said 'Sit quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes and the grass grows by itself'.
I was confused cuz I didn't understood.

Then what! I asked my heart the same one,
It said what can you do instead of that
which is present inside your soal,
which is present inside you girl!
I was confused cuz I didn't understood.

Then I thought of the poetry.
I wrote all my emotions,
which I'd never thought I could.
Poetry can be done by only few,
It is just a magic trick,
I've completed my three poems,
Vow! Its just a hat-trick.

Then I asked myself that
'Why I was so confused and
Why I didn't understood,
Why am I so confused? !

Akanksha Bhatt 30 September 2012

hey! members keep commenting please!

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Allemagne Roßmann 30 September 2012

written well and thanks for sharing

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David C Probst 11 October 2012

I like the spiritual touch of your poem! A very mature poem for your age!

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Poetheart Morgan 10 October 2012

Poetry can gives to you all free that you still can not reach. Poetry is your true friend. And just to you know! ! ! And Yours questions are ours questions too! ! ! Beautiful poem! ! !

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Akanksha Bhatt 02 October 2012

hello! poets and visitors! ! please also dropp your comments after reading my poems

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Prachi Rawal 20 September 2020

Haha that is so relatable with me . I wish I could write something like this. Great work👍.

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Sandeep Dubey 28 May 2013

Nice.....U r not confused actually.. :) ..nice one.

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Sandy Player 04 January 2013

It bubbles with Energy! im glad this Is the 1st of your poems I've read, it's a great introduction into you as a poet.

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Sahil Sood 01 November 2012

Great poem.. I njoyed reading it.. Keep writing...

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Kevin Halls 31 October 2012

A few spelling and grammar mistakes, but ignoring that a clever little poem Akanksha. I can tell you are enjoying writing your poems, so keep on writing!

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