<≪≪....Ace God Is Our Religion....≫≫≫ Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

<≪≪....Ace God Is Our Religion....≫≫≫

Rating: 3.7

Simply its so beautiful
As you have made all these things.
You knew, whom to give legs to walk,
And To whom to give the wings.

Everything is so veracious here
Are you a professional artist & painter.
Sea waits for the river to flow into it,
Don't you also thinks, 'Its a waiter? '

So many colors are there
Especially the VIBGYORs.
Its just the prowess of Thee,
Its a magic only of Yours.

But why are we forgetting You?
Cuz all of us are too busy.
For now, we'll idolize You by heart,
I assure You, we'll not be lazy.

Then You'll slowly rustle,
The name of your each son.
I'm sure one day we'll follow,
Great line that 'GOD IS ONE.'

As religions maybe different,
But they are not Hostile.
Their preachings are the same,
No matter what's the style.

It doesn't matter if they say evil,
Our wrath will not grow further,
The only thing that matters is,
That all of us are brothers...!

This poem is about God and the people who are forgetting Him. It tells that God is one, His Nation is one and Religion is one. All these are single but we-the men have break them into parts!
Hope you like it.
Hazel Durham 20 October 2012

Perfect as God's creation this wonderful poem full of great wisdom, superb write!

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Ency Bearis 20 October 2012

Good cogitations about God, creative logical reason.

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Asif Andalib 20 October 2012

You are still a kid but your heart is big You know where is gold and just where to dig Excellent write my little sister, I give you 10++

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Free Bird 20 October 2012

God is the only one who is close to our hearts and m too proud that God has given me everything and everygood blessings of him.thanks alott for sharing

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Poetheart Morgan 20 October 2012

God do and give all to us, man search others ways to use your grace!

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Cierrah Smiles 01 December 2012

Beautiful write i really like it :)

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Dr Library @ Debadarshi 04 November 2012

Definitely, I have the dearth of words to praise this one....SIMPLY BRILLIANT....

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Indranil Bhaduri 26 October 2012

Beautiful thoughts... Loved it...

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Kevin Patrick 22 October 2012

Very good, very prescient and advance thoughts for a girl your age, really like the second last stanza really converges with the thoughts I have on beliefs. A beautiful write about the nature of God

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So Close 22 October 2012

excellent work...! ! we are all under the same roof...we breath the same air, we love the same breeze, we all have the same feel.....then why people split in the name of religion..... Akanksha you are right we have only one god we are all brothers and sisters....: -) »so close«

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