...A Pledge... Poem by Akanksha Bhatt

...A Pledge...

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Whatever we'll say, we'll say only the truth.
We'll stay calm, no matter how much is the wrath.
We'll show pity on others as its done by Bishop,
We'll not let anybody hated, we'll not say any piffle.

Promise we'll not be like a date palm,
Which doesn't give shelter and fruits are so high.
We always hurt the others,
Have you ever wondered why?

There are so many people to be discriminated,
But too few of them to be cared.
There are too many religions to make us hate,
But not enough to make us love.

Now onwards we'll take a pledge,
To do always the right.
If we'll be doing just all that,
I'm sure we'll reach the height...!

Yash Shinde 02 November 2012

very powerful and great write...............great message and truth..............reveals reality :)

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Asif Andalib 02 November 2012

Brilliant write Akanksha. I love it

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So Close 02 November 2012

Valuable write....words are the powerful weapons...with words we can fight as well we can make love we the youngsters should keep in mind, the words you described.....good thinking..good work dear..! »so close«

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Poetheart Morgan 02 November 2012

A pledge against prejudice, war, religious fanatics, child exploitation. A pledge against the evil the sleep on men.Very well Akanksha! ! !

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Valsa George 02 November 2012

This pledge, when it comes from the heart, is ennobling! Let us try to abide by it! ! An inspiring write Akanksha!

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Reginia Dawson 09 April 2014

I think this poem is about keeping promises. I like the picture you painted

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Patricia Grantham 09 April 2014

A good delivery on your poem. You are very gifted and full of timely thoughts. Loved this.

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 01 February 2014

Promise we'll not be like a date palm, ... nice nice akshita....10 grow tall but not to cause fall deliver he service with all he promises

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Gajanan Mishra 15 May 2013

doing always right, a great poem, thanks. Please read my poems and comment.

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Vijay Sai R 13 January 2013

a very inspirational poem...

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