The Ex Poem by Angelique' Rockwell

The Ex

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i feel so alone
i really want to cry
how does this happen?
the fights between you and i?

when will it stop?
Will it ever end?
i do what i can for you
will ithe frustration ever end?

all the accusations
all the name calling
whenever we talk
i feel like i'm falling

deeper in the hole
with no way out
you want to win me back
try a different route

i'm drunk and alone
but i feel so content
then the phone rings
and there's a message you sent

calling me names
making me feel bad
for standing up for myself
that only makes me sad

i won't go back to you
it just wouldn't last
there's so much between us
but it's all part of our past

please don't get angry
when i don't want to talk
i'm only trying to keep the peace
you need to go for a walk

i'm so finished with you
i don't no what to say
go get some sleep
there'll be another day


Angel Smith 06 November 2005

Another great poem Angelique, keep it up. I hear you the whole way! ! ! lv Angel

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Jessica H 06 November 2005

I hear you on this one, Ive definantly had my drunk and alone moments nice...

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