The Face Poem by Anita Sehgal

The Face

Rating: 5.0

Neither her attire nor her demeanor
spoke of a life of riches..
Nor reflected one of abject penury,
Just another old woman.…

On the temple steps, where quietly flowed the Ganges,
profoundly engrossed, sat she
a rosary in her hands and a chant on her lips.

Her face, my attention caught ….Deeply lined
Life's experiences furrowed there
Like a farmer's land carefully tilled…
Etched clearly, the lines of joys and sorrows.

An ugly old face, would most call,
Only the beauty in the marks, life left, I saw

A face barren of lines, many crave
and to keep it so, to great lengths go,
Blandness like memories deleted… vitality of life denied full expression! ! !
Where do they store the Pandora of life's offerings?

The face - a reflection of the agony and ecstasy of living!

And finally, she opened her eyes ….
Tranquility in the deep black,
a reverberation of the epiphanic consciousness
engulfing a mystery of the bygone,
As if she beheld the world from a dimension beyond

Sun Shine 08 January 2013

(life's experiences furrowed there like a farmer's land carefully tilled........) image of the past years are greatly expressed.

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Paul Mwenelupembe 09 January 2013

All has been said, nothing to reserve here. Superb setting, imagery well presented. It's a perfect write indeed. By the way, have you seen mine lately? I have like butterfly in the house, falling int lips and the like. Regards!

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Amar Abbas 29 January 2013

Beautiful imagery painted.

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Nasarudheen Parameswaran 24 February 2013

A well observed fine poem of imagery.

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Neela Nath Das 25 November 2012

A nice depiction of a lady who is spiritually rich. Loved your diction and the theme as well.

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 21 September 2017

s if she beheld the world from a dimension beyond thanks for poem 10+++++++++

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Heather Wilkins 21 July 2013

written with good imagery. a good portrait painted with your pen

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Geetha Jayakumar 04 July 2013

Fantastic poem..Well expressed emotions!

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Yasmin Khan 16 June 2013

A vivid portrayal, I can 'see' the woman before my eyes thanks to imagery and metaphors employed nicely.

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Soumita Sarkar 18 May 2013

Life's experiences furrowed there Like a farmer's land carefully tilled…loved these lines................I invite you to read and comment on them if you can.Thank you.Keep it up!

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