The Human mind. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

The Human mind.

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Whether brain is mind,
Whether selected areas
in brain constitute mind,
Whether interactions of
some hormones(serotonin,
dopamine, norepinephrine etc.)
form mind,
whether mind exists independently else where
are full of controversies
and contradictions.
Gray's anatomy has not labeled
'mind' in Atlas of brain.

Despite its enigmatic location,
neurologists, psychiatrists,
theologists, poets accept
the possession of mind
by every human,
the seat of many activities
in our cognition(Perception,
analysis of experiences, storage,
judgement, reaction) .

Thus mind is a funny, mysterious
faculty that craves for
winter in summer,
summer in winter.
The more it gets,
the more it wants,
unsatisfied ever,
every thing or nothing,
just like a person drinking
sea water,
but thirst never improves better.

When angered, discomposed,
more than fire that
causes bewilderment of memory,
loss of intelligence, bitterness
destruction and devastation.
Calm and composed, provides
sweets solutions to dismal situations,
unfolds path of progression.

Thoughts in mind are
predecessors of all
our deeds.
Before any action, bad or good,
a corresponding thought,
devil or divine,
must have entered our mind,
fondled and nestled very often,
to contain
a heap of rubbish or gold,
we must have experienced
in daily life.

Our sufferings are due to
passions, persons and possessions,
in form of desires,
that enter our minds incessantly,
like the rivers enter the ocean.
If kept steady, undisturbed
by the desires,
clean and tidy
free from cynicism,
filled with altruism,
aids every body to
attain peace and consolation.
O Lord,
bless us to keep our minds clean
to keep the surrounding tidy
from outside and within.

Enigmatic in precise location, but influences all actions.
Sylvia Frances Chan 08 September 2021

attain peace and consolation. O Lord, bless us to keep our minds clean to keep the surrounding tidy from outside and within.Meditate silent hours to pray each day to God, Excellent concluding lines!

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Nabakishore Dash 09 September 2021

Thank you for your words of encouragement and appreciation.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 08 September 2021

Very perceptive and encompassing write on mind. Liked how you ended this poem. Wonderful thoughts to ponder about. Another brilliant write. Top Marks.

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