The Killer Within Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Killer Within

Rating: 2.1

You damaged my world
With your angry jealous
Heart, so full of bitterness
That you no longer
Feel love at all.

You disarranged my
Orderly world where I
Lived in peace and quiet.
You ripped it apart
With your sharp knife
Made of bitterness.

And you will die alone,
Nursing your sad heart,
Blaming others and
Refusing to see
That you destroyed yourself
From within.

Ivy Christou 01 February 2006

mystical poem! i could not figure out whether the killer was within you (admiting some situations and idenftifying always help) or that the poem was for another person that had such a terrible impact on you. either way fine work! HBH

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Hi Scarlett - Why do we cause each other such pain? I'm pondering it in my new poem, 'It's Just Blood'. A lot of emotional release here! Good job in redirecting it back. Your new friend - Cheryl

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Alison Cassidy 11 November 2006

Strong writing here Scarlett. Reminds me of Blake's Poison Tree. Nothing like a good rant to help let go of rage. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx

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Anna Russell 27 April 2006

Such raw pain and anger...but wisdom in the last line when you realise it is himself he has really destroyed. Hugs Anna xxx

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Mike Finley 23 April 2006

It sounds like a bad parent or partner to me. Wen they go bad, something awful takes charge of them. Hellbound is a good word. Her's something I heard yesterday, on the other hand. 'Bitterness is poison you swallow yourself hoping it will kill the other person.' Also: 'Resentment is like renting out a room in your head to your worst enemy.'

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Linda Hepner 01 February 2006

Ivy has it right. But either way, it must help. Linda

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