The Secret Of Poemhunter's Scene Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Secret Of Poemhunter's Scene

Rating: 3.6

I have a secret,
One that has only
Right here in Public...
On PH!

I am a naughty old broad,
One who is having
An affair...right in public,
In front of everyone!

Right under your noses,
I am giving in
To my urges, and
Playing the Harlot.

I have something
I love to hold,
To taste in my mouth,
To hear,
To fondly carress...

And you'll never guess
Who...No, I mean WHAT
It is...

So the secret must come out,
For I can no longer
Hold it in...

Yes, yes, I said
I love to say them,
To hear the naked sound of them,
To see them in all their glory,
Written single space, and
Spelled correctly,
On my page!

Sorry, I guess, that it is not
Some wonderful man,
But I have to
Be faithful
To my words.

Scarlett Treat
February 20,2008

Duncan Wyllie 20 February 2008

Well i'm glad that it's out in the open, although it was never a big secret that you have a way with words Love duncan x

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Ernestine Northover 20 February 2008

If you're in love then I'm in love with them too. Oh, for words, words, words. Lovely write Scarlett. Haven't forgotten my parcel for you, give me a week or so. Blessings. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Mary Gordley 21 February 2008

Great fun read, Scarlett, perhaps it should be Scarlett Letters Treat. Wonderful write thanks

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Ted Sheridan 21 February 2008

As old broads go you are pretty good.

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Bridgid Patrick 21 February 2008

Hi Scarlett. A lovely write. Your secret is out! ! ....regards xx

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James B. Earley 19 March 2008

I'm new to the Poemhunter experience, yet feeling as if I've been here forever! What a stimulating group. Thanks for sharing.

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Paul Butters 05 March 2008

Nice one. Same here. 'In the beginning was the word....'! Cheers. Paul.

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Chuck Audette 29 February 2008

Hahah! The question is: Does size matter? -c

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Chris Mendros 25 February 2008

and isn't it a many splendored thing?

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Donall Dempsey 23 February 2008

Well I can't say I'm surprised...I had noticed the way you held them lovingly and caresed those thoughts with your mind.. Who was that sentence I saw you with last!! You naughty naughty scarlet lady! love Donall Donall

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